Image result for international judo federation logoMediaZones signed an agreement to represent the INTERNATIONAL JUDO FEDERATION (IJF) on 10 July 2015.  The Agreement states that MediaZones will exercise the role of  “the expansion and strengthening of the media coverage of judo and its financial underpinning”.   

A long-time Olympic sport for men and women, it is described by the BBC website as “the most popular martial art in the world, with 13 million participants in 111 countries“.  

“The IJF has placed its faith in us to develop broadcast deals, including sponsorship and advertising, and to produce and package content that will suit broadcasters’ needs,” said Paul Martin Cainer, the CEO of MediaZones and SportZones.  “This will not just provide the broadcasters with access to the actual sports events but also will provide insight for their viewers into the characters involved in judo, their personal backgrounds and motivations, the story of the teams competing in the  upcoming 2016 Olympics, the skills being exhibited, as well as into the proud history and pure values of this sport.”   

MediaZones soon secured a contract for the IJF with the fast-rising British channel BT Sport, to add to the channel’s exclusive mix of Champions League football, Europa League football, and live international cricket.  The broadcasts on BT Sport included eight half-hour slots within peak-time viewing in September and October 2015, revolving around Judo’s World Championships.

MediaZones (together with SportZones) was also instrumental in making the Highlights programme for international judo much more features-based and attractive to new audiences.

It went on to propose a range of changes that helped bring the activities and practices surrounding world judo into a 21st Century context.

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